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Legal Education and Awareness Foundation
Future Vision
Regulated by Bar Council of India, legal education has spread its tentacles in over 900+ law schools in India. Nowadays, a considerable part of youth aims to pursue legal education where on the contrary a major part of Indian population is unaware of even basic laws that prevail in our country. All legislations in our countryare formed with specific objectives but due to lack of awareness by the beneficiaries, most of the legislations become ineffective.
In a country where the citizens are unaware of the most effective means of social control how can they get rid of the social injustice that they face in their lives? How can they access the judicial services when they aren't aware of how do they function and that who can assist them? Hence with a vision of awakening India via answering these kinds of questions we have formed Legal Education Awareness Foundation. We believe law guides the citizens and governs actions of all the citizens along with protecting them from the evil elements of the society. Law is not only a measure for restrictions but also a storehouse of benefits to the common citizens.
Future Vision
The vision is to empower the vital part of Indian Society that is its citizens as they are the ones who take ahead the nation and have the potential to keep it backward in the global village. The vision is of citizens having with faith in the judiciary and the courage that they can confront injustice and give it a good answer. The vision is to have legally confident India.
The vision that we uphold as per our tagline "Let's live" is all about leading a life that is dignified, a life that our law provides. It is about leading a life that is free from every kind of exploitation and discrimination.
Summing up, the future vision is of an Empowered India.